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Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Funnies

This weekend was a weekend of celebration. Noah turns 8 on Monday (today)...and in our family, when it's your birthday the entire weekend is dedicated to you. Well you can't go a weekend in our house without some zaniness breaking out...especially when you got three boys that come up with some interesting things to say. For instance...

"Back to you, Brad" - I don't know who Brad is...nor do i know how this little gem got started, but sometime Saturday evening, Noah started throwing out a bunch of sentences by beginning with, "This just in..." So i don't know if he's channeling his inner news reporter or what...but we endured it all weekend. For example, "This just in - Dallas Maverick, Shawn Marion, can't read! Back to you, Brad." Or..."This just in - Darth Vader is really Luke's MOTHER. Back to you, Brad." I could go on...but you get the picture.

Intestines??? - Noah and his friends were upstairs taking turns trying to jump into a large box (this is guaranteed to be the next Summery Olympics event)....when i hear a thud accompanied with a moan of pain. I then heard Noah complaining that he had injured his intestines. The next day, I asked him how his intestines were feeling - he responded that they were fine. I then asked, "Noah, will you point to your intestines?" He gave me a strange, embarrassed look and pointed to what he THOUGHT were his intestines. "No, those are your..." (yeah, you know where I'm going...)

Class - I'm teaching one of the adult Bible classes at church on Sunday morning. This past Sunday Jacob insisted on going to my class instead of the 4-year old class. I asked him why - he said, "Your class is more fun...and I can't get in trouble in your class." I'm sure his father's lecture will send him scurrying back to his class on Sunday (but, in his defense, he did sit very quietly and took lots and lots of notes).

Shot Of The Century - In Noah's basketball game Friday night, time on the clock was winding down. A kid from Noah's team shot the ball. It bounced off the rim and started bouncing towards the sideline. Noah happened to be in the right spot, grabbed it, turned, and fired a desparation heave toward the basket as time expired. The shot hit nothing but net, and fans from both teams let out a collective yell. Noah, whose head is already enormous, puffed up like a rooster in a hen house. And the whole way home I endured questions like, "Is that the most amazing shot you've ever seen?" "Do you think anyone else my age could make a shot like that?" "Could LeBron James make that shot?"

Mini Earl Anthony? - We had a bowling party for Noah on Thursday night. And of all the clowns that showed up for that thing, Jacob (my 5-year old) won! Three cheers for bumpers!!!


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