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Thursday, July 26, 2007

10 More Observations From The Road

10 More Travel Observations:

1) You can tell you’ve left the Bible belt when you drive through a small town in rural America, and the biggest building in town is NOT the local Baptist church (the Catholic church or the Lutheran church are BY FAR the biggest!).
2) When the lady at the Avis counter asks, “Are you Preferred” she’s not hitting on you – she merely wants to know if you have a frequent renter’s agreement with their company.
3) Red Sox fans are very afraid that the Yankees will overtake them
4) The Pontiac Gran Prix has a REALLY big blind spot!
5) Massachusetts barbecue…not very good!
6) New York City is BIG!!!!
7) Folks from the Northeast enjoy hearing a Texan talk…but ONLY if he has a thick accent.
8) When you open up your Bible on a plane, the folks around you get really nervous.
9) However, people ask to borrow your Bible when the ride gets extra-bumpy!
10) Although I hate being gone from them, it’s really fun to come home and have your children sooo excited to see you!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Insights From The Road

It's been two months since I began my travel-intensive role with IntegraSys. I enjoy travelling...although I feel bad leaving my wife at home with the three high-energy, high maintenance little boys. I'll make it up to her soon - she deserves a very long vacation!!!

Anyhow, I was reflecting on all the things I've encountered in a short period of time. Here are ten of them...

1. Why does Golden Corral attract seemingly the most down-trodden and most unhealthy folks in any given city?
2. Best beds - Hampton Inn!
3. Who are The Gideons...and where did they get all those Bibles?
4. If you ever get to the airport early or have a long layover...just sit down in a chair near a high-traffic area, and watch the people. It's fun to imagine what's going on inside their head.
5. I'm never traveling with golf clubs again.
6. Why does my non-smoking hotel room always smell like smoke?
7. Nothing beats minor league baseball
8. Waffle House doesn't take credit cards; neither does Cici's.
9. Moses could lead the Israelites through the desert...but I bet he couldn't get them through O'Hare!!!
10. Why do hotels place a full-length mirror on the side of the door facing the toilet? Do you really want to see that going on???

Happy Monday from Evansville, IN!!!